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Zanaflex (or tizanidine) is a muscle relaxant that can be used to treat spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. To relax muscles, it works by blocking motor nerve signals. You can take it as a tablet of 2 mg or 4 mg every 6-8 hours.


We always like the easy way out, and if you want the easy way out of your diseases then you need to consume the medicines that your body needs and take care of the prescriptions that your doctor has sent for you.

Zanaflex is a medicine that can help you with a lot of different conditions such as spinal cord injury, sclerosis, and whatnot. The price of Zanaflex is completely worth it considering what it could do for you. When you buy something, treat yourself and do it without wondering about the Zanaflex price because you must take care of yourself as well as you should.

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2 reviews for Zanaflex 2mg / 4 Mg

  1. Sheila McBeath (verified owner)

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  2. ROBIN LAWRENCE (verified owner)

    I talk with my doctor about the Zanaflex pill because I have issues with sleep, back pain, and headaches. so my doctor gave me Zanaflex for sleep and Zanaflex for back pain. after regular taking, I find your website your company has the best Zanaflex cost. now I m taking Zanaflex for headaches. you guys have the best Zanaflex price so thank you for all your

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